The Key S.A., created in 2014, is a company dedicated to independent asset managers and family offices. With his experience in the field of finance and his IT training,  Bruno Fiévet – founder and director of The Key S.A. – developed the software Efficence; an IT solution which answers to the business issues of the IAM sector and makes their daily activities easier.

For several years, the sector of finance has been facing regulatory and transparency requirements always more important. After the AML (Federal Lay Against Money Laoundring) and its regular developments, here comes the laws on financial services (FinSA) and on financial institutions (FinIA) – which will be effective in January 2020. This should lead to an increase in administrative obligations and consequently costs in the field. To be prepared facing these future changes, The Key S.A. has developed a software that enables independent asset managers (IAM) to respond to these issues at a lower cost.


Efficience is a completely modular and customizable software designed to facilitate the daily work of IAMs. Thanks to the Client Management part and its KYC data, Efficience alerts the user when a client presents a risk related to the actual regulations. In addition, Efficience also enables the generation of portfolio profiles as well as a multitude of reports and analyzes; which simplifies preparation for audits.


Efficience could not meet the needs of wealth management professionals without integrating a module dedicated to portfolio management. Thanks to the development of interfaces with more than sixty custodian banks, a daily data feed makes it possible to update the positions of clients’ portfolios. The program is then able to generate, according to the needs of each manager, analyzes and monitoring of portfolios, to calculate the performance and profitability of the latter, to carry out consolidated statements of assets, to issue invoices and to manage various retrocessions. Efficience also provides the ability to configure and manage risk alerts based on the client’s investment profile. A feature that already prepares managers for the next upcoming regulations.


The Efficience model is unique in the role it gives to its clients. All companies that decide to work with The Key S.A. can ask for the development of new features or specific developments and this without any additional charge as long as the content of this development can be used by all other Efficience users. The developments requested always respond to a clients’ problem, and constantly improve the platform and benefit all users of the software. More than 60 clients in Switzerland and around the world are therefore involved in the solution and its improvement. In addition, partnerships with specialized institutions have been set up. It is thus possible to obtain optional additional services to the platform. Therefore, the user can do through Efficience all AML and PEP checks with DowJones, receive stock analysis and reports through TheScreener, or even electronically manage their documents (DMS) with Canon’s Therefore solution.


One of the peculiarities of the Efficience system is the possibility of having a global view of the client’s assets. This includes not only all portfolios established in different banking institutions, but also unlisted assets. Through the consolidation of data, the program thus provides the complete financial situation of the clients. They can also access it through a mobile application (available on IOS devices) which allows them to follow the evolution of all their portfolios.


New to Efficience, LinkedTrade is a digital trading platform specializing in structured products. Thanks to this new option available on Efficience, asset managers can now request prices for structured products with just a few clicks and just as quickly obtain a range of offers available on the market. As simple as an e-commerce platform, this new feature allows users to quickly compare prices and then trade the best option they choose, all while reducing the number of middlemen. Integration with Efficience will allow orders to be broken down and products to be monitored. Saving time, improving transparency, and saving money, all combined in this new application available through Efficience.