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LSFIN, LEFIN & The Key S.A.:
The key is…

In this blog’s article, you’ll find Bruno Fievet full article available in the November issue of Sphere magazine, dedicated to Finance.

Our digital solution allows you to consolidate your clients’ assets, manage all their bank accounts, automate a maximum of tasks, facilitate the management of regulatory constraints to save time and develop your business.

Efficience, a software program for independent asset managers.
Like many former members of large financial institutions, one aspires when one creates a society, to a certain form of autonomy and independence. That’s what led me to create The Key S.A.

This state of mind also allowed me to analyse what my daily life was and address these issues with a fresh point of view. So I tried to create the most suitable tool to meet all the business constraints I was facing. A tool that would really make me gain time and precision within my business. This is how the software Efficience was born.

Partner customers, means demanding ones!
The Efficience model is quite unique in the role it gives its clients. All entities that decide to work with The Key S.A. are entitled to the addition of new features or specific developments that do not result in additional costs. when the content of this development is reinjected into the Efficience solution.

It benefits all users of our solution. Nearly 50 of our customers in Switzerland and around the world are therefore part of the solution and that changes everything.

It is thanks to them and their requirement that we were able to take a decisive advantage in the race over our talented competitors.

Anticipate changes
In order to prepare your companies for these new LSFin & LEFin stiffenings, we have developed many features to help you reduce administrative work, better control your asset management and become more efficient.

Thanks to our experience with independent wealth management clients, Family Office and transferable securities dealers, we have been able to identify and develop the key elements that will allow you to automate a significant portion of your controls while offering new services to your end customers at very affordable costs.

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